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Noodle the Pug is my new favorite mental health advocate

My TikTok for you page constantly feeds me videos about signs. A witchy human with fake freckles channeling a message from the beyond that's only relevant if I see it before the end of the week; a stunning New York model who does a Tarot card draw every single day. And then there's Noodle.

Noodle is a 13-year-old pug, and he is TIRED. Each morning, his owner and cinematographer, Jonathan, picks him up to answer the question: "bones or no bones?" If Noodle has bones that day, he'll stay standing up, but on a no bones day, he flops back into his furry beige bed.

@jongraz he had them just last night!! #pug #seniordog #boneless #humor #foryou ♬ original sound - Jonathan

"Okay, so what?" you, an adult, are probably asking. Well, my friend. TikTok (as in the community that is TikTok) decided that Noodle's bone checks have the power to determine how the rest of the day is going to go. For everyone.

We could check our horoscopes or check if Mercury is in retrograde, but it's much easier to let Noodle decide. On a Bones Day, hoooo yeah! The energy is just right. You've got the POWER. We are STANDING on our own FOUR LEGS and MIGHT GO FOR A WALK. You know that vibe? That's the vibe of a Bones Day.

A No Bones Day is a sign you might need a break. Hit the snooze button. Call in sick to work. Don't pay your taxes. The world is too heavy for standing! 

Here's a video of Noodle demonstrating the exact definition of a No Bones Day:

@jongraz spoiler: he doesn’t do much walking #pug ♬ original sound - Jonathan
In the past, I've talked about how nothing can have power unless we decide it has power (like 9-year-old me deciding her lucky chapstick was the only thing keeping the world from imploding or 31-year-old me collecting crystals and sleeping with them under my pillow). 

Noodle has the power.

Because millions of people have decided he does. The part I'm most excited about is that Noodle is a PERFECT example of self awareness and listening to your body. You can't, like physically and emotionally, CANNOT be firing on all cylinders every single day. If you're having a No Bones Day, treat it as such! Obviously, you can't drop all of your responsibilities, but you absolutely can give yourself a small break. 

Thank you for the reminder, sweet Noodle! You are a star, no bones about it.

(Yes, I waited the entire blog post to use that joke. I am so sorry.)

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