Get $50 Off Astrology Readings for Two

Book an đź’•Unprofessional Astrologistđź’• Love Reading

Book an đź’•Unprofessional Astrologistđź’• Love Reading

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Want to learn what the stars have to say about who and what you love? Let me, an unprofessional astrologist help!

Taking a looksie at our Venus, Mars, and Mercury placements can give insight into what sparks our passions, how we connect to others, and innate ways we approach relationships.

And I mean ALL relationships! This reading is not just about romantic love - our lives are rich in all kinds of different love, all worth exploring.

With this reading, you will receive a gorgeous 6 page report, that includes:

✨ illustrations of your birth chart
đź’– detailed explanations of your venus, mars, and mercury signs
✨ a handwritten message about how to find strength in your signs

Save $50 when you book a reading for two! Perfect for friends, lovers, and last minute Tinder dates.

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