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Unprofessional Tarot Card Reading 💕Love Edition💕

Unprofessional Tarot Card Reading 💕Love Edition💕

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Treat yourself to a tarot card reading that will inspire you to reflect on the past, present, and future of your love life. And I don’t mean just romantic love (pfftt romantic love)! Readings available for:

💕 You and Yourself
💕 You and a Friend
💕 You and a Crush
💕 You and a Lover
💕 You and a Partner
💕 You and a Pet

Your beautiful three page report includes images of the cards picked specially for you, explanations of each card’s meaning, and handwritten insights into what these cards mean for you and your life!

Upon purchase, you will receive an email that includes a printable card - a perfect way to gift a reading to someone special.

the reviews are in
“Christina’s tarot card reading was incredibly thoughtful, personal, and insightful. She took the time to explain each card she pulled and what it meant for me at that moment in my life. Plus, she took the interpretation a step further by explaining what my specific cards could potentially foreshadow in relation to each other. I think back on the reading a lot and took a lot from it. It was a very meaningful experience and a beautiful way to reset my own intentions for what I want in life.“ - Elizabeth E. 

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