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Love Poetry Party 💕 February 9th @ 5pm PST

Love Poetry Party 💕 February 9th @ 5pm PST

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This event will be live on Zoom! Ticket holders will be emailed a link the day of the party.

Shall I compare thee to a summer's day? 
Or maybe to the roses that are red and the violets that are blue?
The possibilities are ENDLESS!

Ol' Billy Shakespeare and Mr. Hallmark don't have a monopoly on love poetry - anyone can write a heartfelt, silly, serious, beautiful, sappy, and/or gross poem. Especially YOU!

I have a bunch of fun writing prompts that will get your brain wheels turning and your pen moving. By the end of this Poetry Party, you'll have one whole love poem ready for Valentine's Day (or literally any day, honestly), and a ton of ideas to look back on in the future.

The Rules:
❤️ Come ready to brainstorm. Don't worry, anything you write is just for you!
❤️ Remember there are SO MANY DIFFERENT KINDS OF LOVE! Don't limit yourself to romantic love. That's just one feather on the beautiful peacock of life.
❤️ Don't worry about rhyming and iambic pentameter and all that junk we learned in school. And also please don't tell any of my English teachers I called that stuff junk.

Christina, are you even qualified to teach poetry?
Good question. I studied Shakespeare and heavy drinking at Oxford University and got my Masters of Professional Writing from USC. But more importantly, I've seen Moulin Rouge about 800 times. And that movie is heckin romantic. 

Any questions? 
Email me