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Book a Personalized ✨Unprofessional Astrology✨ Reading

Book a Personalized ✨Unprofessional Astrology✨ Reading

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Are you intrigued by astrology, but don't know where to start? Let me, a completely unprofessional astrologer, help!

With this reading, you will receive a gorgeous 6 page report, that includes:
✨ an illustration of your birth chart
🔮 detailed explanation of your "Big 3"
(sun, moon, and rising signs)
✨ a handwritten message about how to find strength in your signs

Finally, all of the astrology memes in your IG feed will make sense!

✨About Christina✨
I've been studying astrology since I was a kid, mostly looking for answers to why I am the way that I am (it turns out that I have a Capricorn moon and clinical depression!). To me, interpreting your birth chart is like reading a beautiful poem - I want to help you see how your very best qualities are literally written in the stars.

Here's what beautiful humans are saying about readings from The Unprofessional Astrologer:

"Astrology readings have always been over my head and totally not personable. When I read my astrology reading by Christina I was intrigued, I laughed, and was in shock with how well it lined up with myself and my life. Really- I sent it to at least seven friends (and my mom) and they were equally amazed. It was also presented in a simple colorful diagram that I thought would be a perfect experience and frame-able gift for a friend (or my great aunt Olga) for any occasion! Christina is relatable, hilarious, authentic, and is a listener.. and all of that shows in her work. Finally a different and unique experience that is personable and can kick start your journey with astrology, or just give yourself an excuse to laugh at your crazy self!"
- Kacie B.

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